Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve worked hard to create a convenient and friendly way of caring for patients, but it may be different from what you’re used to. Answers to your most frequently asked questions are below.

Our address is 6189 W. John L. Modglin Drive in Greenfield, Indiana, and you can get to us from the Mount Comfort exit off I-70 (just west of Mount Comfort Road). Watch for a sign by the interstate that reads, “Hancock Gateway Park” (and then look for a building with a very big orange-and-white Hancock Health logo on it).

We’re 15 minutes away from Greenfield, New Palestine, McCordsville, and the east side of Indianapolis (including Lawrence and Irvington). And we’re not a whole lot further away from anywhere else in East Central Indiana.

Gateway offers first-class immediate care and high-value, affordable labs and imaging, and more to improve your life and your health.

You can call our general line, at (317) 866-7300. But if you’d like to be more specific, you can phone Gateway Imaging at (317) 866-7301, Gateway Lab at (317) 866-7302, or Gateway Immediate Care at (317) 866-7300.

The affordable imaging and labs at Gateway are a great option if you have a high-deductible health plan, don’t have insurance, or need to reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Our immediate care is a convenient option if you need same-day care and don’t have time to see your regular doctor.

At Gateway, Save Your Spot and other online patient tools get you the care you need with little delay at any point in your healthcare journey. Our upfront cost estimate tells you about how much your care will cost before you receive it. And, at Gateway, you get one bill for the services you receive, simplifying the payment process.

We accept all major insurance plans. If you’re not sure whether your insurance qualifies as “major” or not, we’ll be happy to tell you. Just call  317-866-7300 and ask.

Doctors outside of Hancock Health can refer you to Gateway for labs or imaging. You’ll receive our high-quality services at our affordable prices and your results will be available in 36 hours or less as well as reported to your doctor. For patients that participate in our HealthConnect portal, your results will be available online.

Anyone can receive immediate care services at Gateway. You can walk in or use Save Your Spot to pick the time slot that works best for you.

Gateway makes it simple and convenient to choose your own time slot with Save Your Spot and offers other online patient tools to help you get the quality care you need at your convenience.

Gateway’s streamlined, patient-friendly process helps you get the right tests and imaging simply and easily. At Gateway, you get the personal care and expertise you expect from Hancock Health, at a low, direct-to-consumer price.  If you’re getting lab tests, you can choose your own time slot with Save Your Spot to get the tests you need quickly and get on your way.

Gateway offers a full range of clinical lab tests and health screenings.

Just ask your physicians to order labs and imaging from us—it doesn’t matter whether they’re part of Hancock Health, or not.

The cost of labs and imaging can depend on what sort of facility is producing them (and what kind of compensation that facility gets from private insurers). You’ll usually pay more at a hospital than you would at Gateway simply because they’re a hospital, and we’re not.

If that sounds complicated—well, it kind of is.

Our solution was to open a separate facility, where we can offer direct-to-consumer pricing.

Yes. The quality of our labs and imaging is indistinguishable from the quality of the labs and imaging you’d get from a hospital. The only real difference is the cost.

 Oh, goodness yes.