Patient Financial Policy

Co-pays are expected at the time of service. As a courtesy, we will submit medical claims to your primary and secondary insurance company. Any balance after processing of our claim by your carrier is your responsibility. In order to properly bill your insurance company, we require that you disclose all up-to-date information—including primary and secondary insurance—as well as any change of insurance information. Failure to provide us with the appropriate insurance information within your insurance plans timely filing limit may result in patient responsibility for the entire bill.

No coverage

If you do not have health insurance, we request that you contact a Patient Financial Health Advocate by calling (317) 468.4548. They will be able to assist with marketplace insurance plan as well as the Medicaid application. For assistance with choosing Medicare plans, contact SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) at (317) 462.3758.

Self-pay patients

Patients with no insurance coverage are always welcome at our offices. Self-pay accounts are patients without insurance coverage and patient covered by insurance plans in which the facility does not participate. You will receive a 20 percent discount for payment in full at Gateway Immediate Care. This requires a $50 pre-payment for Gateway Immediate Care services ONLY with the remainder of the balance to be paid within 30 days of service. Does not include Gateway Lab or Gateway Imaging Services.

Payment methods

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, and check. Returned checks are subject to a $20 service charge. For your convenience, our billing office is staffed from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. The billing office phone number is (317) 468.6270. You may make payments online at

Payment plans/financial assistance

We understand that sometimes it is a difficult to pay your medical bill. We invite you to meet with a Health Advocate to establish a payment plan or determine if you are eligible for financial assistance.  Your financial wellness is important to us, and we can provide reasonable payment plans designed to collect balances within a year.

Account delinquencies

All balances are due upon receipt of statement. If we do not receive payment in full by 120 days —or in the event we are unable to locate you (i.e. returned mail)—we reserve the right to refer your account to an outside collection agency where you will be responsible for an additional 40 percent collection fee added to your balance. Contact our Patient Financial Services office at (317) 468.6270 should you have any questions about your statement.

Financial responsibility of minors

A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients who are minors on the patient’s first visit. The parent or legal guardian must sign a Consent to Treat form for future visits valid for one year. For minors under the age of 18, the parent with whom the minor resides will be financially responsible for all charges incurred unless there is a court order that states otherwise on file. Any patient over the age of 18 (or an emancipated minor) will be their own guarantor and be held financially responsible for all charges incurred.

Missed appointments

We would appreciate your help and the courtesy of a call if you are unable to keep an appointment. Please notify the office at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. This will allow us to offer that time to another patient that needs to be seen. If you are late for your appointment by 15 minutes or more you may be asked to reschedule or to wait until the next available appointment.