Author: Jodi Gilman

Meet the Imaging Staff at Gateway Hancock Health

Together, Gateway Hancock Health’s imaging staff has nearly 50 years of experience! If you need a CT scan, MRI scan or an X-ray, know that you’ll be in excellent hands with Stephanie, Chelsea, and Brooks.  

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Flu Shots… That Time of Year Is Here Again

A lot of people automatically have this on their fall to-do lists. But, for others, it can be a toss-up. If you’re on the fence about getting a flu shot this year, you’re not alone.

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This Fall, Boost Your Immune System

With all the changes that come with fall, give a boost to your immune system to keep you and your family in tip-top shape!

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Top Reasons People Visit Immediate Care

10 Top Reasons People Visit Immediate Care

Lots of things can merit an immediate care visit. View the top 10 reasons people visit immediate care! 

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5 Tips for Back to School Health 

If you’re wondering how to keep your family healthy at back to school time, you’ll love Gateway Hancock Health’s five tips. 

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